Respiratory Season

To our HIP families with newborns - 2 months:

Please note we are seeing a spike in respiratory viruses earlier than expected this year. Common viruses like RSV (the common cold virus) can cause inflammation of the small airways in the lungs of young infants called bronchiolitis. Some infants with bronchiolitis can experience difficulty breathing and eating once infected and require a hospital stay. 

Please take care to stay home during this time with your very young infants, do not bring the baby to the grocery store or indoor restaurants and do not invite friends or family into your home who have cold/cough symptoms. Check to make sure your family members are up to date on influenza and Tdap vaccines. (Aim to get "flu before boo!")

For families with older children in daycare or preschool - do your best to separate older siblings with cough/ runny noses from babies. Encourage mask wearing in common areas of the home until cold symptoms are resolved. Try to open the windows on sunny days and use outdoor play. Disinfect surfaces and wash hands thoroughly and regularly. 

Take care of yourselves and your family by prioritizing sleep and nutritious foods. Ask your healthcare provider about additional vitamin D supplementation for babies who are breastfed. 

Be well, 

Your HIP providers

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