H.I.P Team

One of the things we love about our practice is the people that we get to work with.  As a pediatrician who has worked in a few hospital and office settings, I know how lucky we are at H.I.P to be surrounded by this team. 



Oumou Diacko, MHSA - Practice Administrator 

Lisa Rodarte, MA - Clinical Supervisor


Jill Esposito, Front Office

Mariana Galindo, Front Office

Jolene Kelley, Front Office

Seth Lewis, Front Office

Carla Chavarria, MA

Natalie Groff, RN

Isabel Haus, RN

Ivette Javier, MA

Susie Metzler, Triage

Justine Natividad, MA

Arleth Reza, MA

Valerie Rodarte, MA

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