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Erin Woessner, D.O. 


New Offering at HIP: Osteopathic Treatments

We are excited to announce a new addition to Highlands Integrative Pediatrics, Dr. Erin Woessner, D.O. 

Dr. Woessner is a dual board-certified physician and integrative healer who specializes in providing holistic osteopathic medical treatment and healing for people of all ages. While at HIP, she will focus on supporting the health and well-being of our children. With her gentle interventions, she listens to and supports the body in its healing processes and specifically addresses those things the body has been unable to resolve on its own. This is helpful for growth and development in every stage of life and with any injuries or illnesses that arise.

She combines her background in family medicine, osteopathic neuromusculoskeletal medicine, energy healing and 17 years in clinical practice, with a passion for caring holistically for our children and the whole family unit. She will provide an additional valuable intervention for our children here at HIP which will complement the care your child already receives with his/her primary care provider.

Some examples of conditions that are helped by Dr Woessner’s treatments are:

  • Infant Latching/sucking difficulties
  • Torticollis and head shape abnormalities or flattening
  • Reflux, colic, tummy troubles
  • Ear infections
  • Births -difficult or traumatic, rapid, prolonged, forceps/vacuum assisted, C-section or             vaginal
  • Breathing (including asthma )
  • Digestive disorders (including reflux and irritable bowel syndrome)
  • Poor sleep
  • children with sensory processing challenges
  • concentration issues
  • sprains, strains, fractures, injuries
  • headache, concussion
  • seizures
  • growth and development challenges
  • illness
  • trauma

Learn more about osteopathic treatments here.

Visits with Dr. Woessner will be billed through your insurance plan, if applicable. We work with all major insurance companies, however it is parent responsibility to make sure Dr. Woessner is considered "in-network" at our specific location with your insurance plan. The best way to verify this info is to use the provider finder tool on your insurance company's website or to call them directly. Her visits are billed like other “sick visits” plus an osteopathic manipulative treatment, and may go toward your deductible (if you have one and have not met it yet).

To schedule, call our front desk at 720.583.4470 option 1

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