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After Hours Advice

Need after hours advice? You have a few options:

1) Symptom Checker: Access the online interactive symptom checker from

2) Call Children's Hospital Colorado's free nurse advice line at: 720.777.0123

3) Speak with the on-call doctor from H.I.P. (AFTER HOURS ONLY).  Please call our main office number 720.583.4470 and press 1.

Urgent Care vs. Emergency Room

How do you decide where to take your child after office hours? Urgent cares are for conditions that require immediate care, but are not life threatening. Emergency rooms are for conditions that are life or limb threatening.

 In the event that a medical concern occurs after hours and you want your child to be seen, determine if it is something you would bring them in our office for. If it is something that you would bring them in our office for go to an urgent care. If it is out of the scope of our practice go to the emergency room.

 When choosing a facility, try to pick one that is a Pediatric urgent care or emergency room. The reason being is the doctors on staff have received specialized training in pediatrics. This allows them to diagnose conditions much faster and treat them more quickly versus a regular adult urgent care or emergency room.

Keep in mind urgent cares tend to be much cheaper in cost and have shorter wait times which get you in and out versus emergency rooms which are more expensive and have longer wait times.

Below is a table which can help you determine whether you should take your child to an urgent care or emergency room, based on symptoms.

Urgent Care

Emergency Room

Strep throat

Head injury

Ear infection




UTI/painful urination

Anaphylactic shock


Systematic infection

Pink eye

Asthma exacerbation

Animal bites

Stiff neck/can’t move neck


Shortness of breath


Spinal injury

Foreign objects

Severe burns

Newborn abnormalities (fever over 100.4 rectal)



If you are unsure whether to take your child to an urgent care or the emergency room feel free to call the office number and the on call provider will help you determine where you need to go.

Listed below are different locations of Urgent Cares and ERs

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Emergency Rooms

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