Thank you for your interest in Highlands Integrative Pediatrics.  Whether you are birthing a baby or expecting to adopt or foster a child soon, we believe that you will find a supportive wellness home for your family here at H.I.P.

First off we host meet and greets monthly. They are not mandatory, but we highly recommend you come to one. It is a great time to check out where we are located, a chance to see our space and learn more about our unique model of pediatric care, as well as have a chance to ask any questions you may have. We do not do separate visits, only group style setting. See the left side of our homepage for upcoming dates. 

We take care of newborn babies at Rose Hospital.  If you are delivering at another hospital, midwifery center or at home, you or the hospital can notify us and we can plan for your first visit at H.I.P.

In terms of setting up that first appointment we just have to play the waiting game till the baby gets here.  When you deliver and once you get a discharge date from the hospital simply give our office a call. At that time we will register the baby in our system so that we can schedule that first appointment. The newborn checkup usually takes place anywhere between 3 to 5 days old. After the newborn checkup we do a two week check which usually takes place anywhere when the child is 11 to 15 days old since that is when we get the 2nd newborn screen done. 

With insurance give them a call to double check and make sure we are in network with your specific plan. We work with all major insurance companies, however they do not send us a list of plans that we are in network with and plans that we are not in network with so it is hard for us to know if your plan is good. So make sure to do this before the baby is born. After the baby is born you have 30 days to notify the insurance company of the baby’s birth. The sooner the better so that they can get that paper work started. 

Thanks again for your interest! Any other questions please call the office. Congratulations!

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