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April 28 Newsletter
April 28, 2013
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Our next Meet & Greet is this THURSDAY, MAY 2nd at 6:00pm.  Bryan will give a tour of the space, speak to his philosophy of practicing integrative medicine, and answer questions.  This is open to all interested in learning more about H.I.P. 
May Happenings at H.I.P Studio
4-week Yoga for Grief Class Series beginning THIS THURSDAY, May 2nd with Tara Emrick, CYT, MSW
Class will meet May 2nd, May 9th, May 16th, & May 23rd 
7:00 to 8:15pm - FREE
This 4-week series is for anyone grieving loss.   Each class will consist of a gentle yoga flow and guided meditation.  No previous yoga experience necessary.  Please bring a yoga mat and wear comfortable clothing.
Sponsored by Harden Hospice.  FREE to the public.  Please call Rhonda Clark to register at 303-217-5892.  You must contact Rhonda to register before May 1st.  Space is limited.
More information at
TUESDAY, MAY 7th Gong Synergy:   Resonant Field Journey for relaxation of thought and passive body tuning with Paul Conly
6:30 to 7:30pm - Cost $25
Connect to the dynamic force of creative energy sent out as sound vibration at the dawn of the universe!  Gong Synergy is a cleansing of negative influences through the use of sacred Chinese and Tibetan sound instruments.  You can feel the YÄ«n liú (音流), the “Sound Current,” which induces calming and the attainment of clarity flowing from old Wuhan gongs and flying cymbals.  Tibetan instruments can heighten consciousness and guide devotional meditation through sound-created resonant fields.  No physical exercise is required.
Wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat and light blanket.  Please book early because space is limited.  
Pre-registration required.  Register online at  Please enroll unpaid and bring cash or check (made payable to H.I.P Studio) to the workshop. 
SATURDAY, MAY 11th Intro to BodyTalk Access with Elzabieta Kosmicki 
10:00 to 11:00am – Cost $5
BodyTalk Access provides the layperson, family and community with a simple set of energy-based techniques to make health maintenance and the management of daily health challenges accessible. Learn a powerful brain balancing tool in this one hour intro workshop to reduce stress, improve clarity and initiate healing.
Pre-registration required.  Register online at  Please enroll unpaid and bring cash or check (made payable to H.I.P Studio) to the workshop.
SUNDAY, MAY 19th Journey into Relaxation:  Transforming your Life with Tracy Patch, RYT
3:00 to 5:00pm – Cost $25
Journey into Relaxation is an ancient practice that brings positive and sustainable changes to behaviors and habits in your life.  This practice can be beneficial for sleep issues, stress, muscle tension and an overall sense of well-being.   Translated as “sleep of the yogi”, we will be using a combination of intention, breathing, meditation and visualization to bring us into conscious relaxation.  The workshop begins with a short explanation and information about what to expect followed by a complete relaxing experience.  Please feel free to either sit in a chair or lie down during the practice. Every body will benefit.    You may bring a favorite blanket and/or pillow, along with a yoga mat, to help in your relaxation.
Pre-registration required.  Register online at  Please enroll unpaid and bring cash or check (made payable to H.I.P Studio) to the workshop.
MONDAY, MAY 20th MOMentum Group:  A Mastermind and Coaching Group Specifically for Moms with Ashley Sakker & Brenda Abdilla
5:30 to 7:30pm – First time is FREE
Momentum Groups are the cool, new intersection of Networking Group, A Mastermind group and a Coaching Group specifically for moms.  Whether your kids are all grown or still babies, the struggle over the question of career, financial contribution, part-time/full-time options and the illusive “balance” are universal among mothers. MOMentum Groups are based on the material from Brenda Abdilla’s book: What’s Your Lane?  Career clarity for moms who want to work a little, a lot or not at all (due out April 24th, 2013).
Who should come check out MOMentum Groups:
-Moms and Moms-to-be considering any change in career status like re-entering the work force, moving to part-time, working from home, starting a new venture etc.
-Moms who feel stuck with their current circumstances, career-wise, and secretly wish they’d chosen differently.
-Moms who feel guilty, overwhelmed or stressed-out in their current career lane and long for strategies to feel good right where they are.
Contact Ashley Sakker for more information:  [email protected]
THURSDAY, MAY 30th Yoga for Grief Drop-in with Tara Emrick, CYT, MSW
7:00 to 8:15pm – Cost $15
This 75-minute monthly drop-in class is for anyone grieving loss.  This gentle flow yoga class will include pranayama (breath practice) and guided meditation.  Beginners are welcome. 
More information at
WEDNESDAYS at NOON Gentle Yoga with Tara Emrick.  Great for beginners. $12 drop-in
SUNDAYS 5:30 to 6:45pm Flow & Restore with Caitlin Uzzell beginning May 12th
For more information about any of our offerings at H.I.P Studio, including studio rental information, please contact Tara at 720.232.6514 or [email protected]  Thank you!