Poetry in Practice

Since navigating the trials and the privileges of medical training, I came to believe that the antidote for the ailments that plague many physicians in our work life is the active cultivation and harvesting of the poetry that is all around us.

That for us, the prescription is the poetic. And that, this is not just the prescription that most healthcare providers need but it's also what most all of us need.

This doesn't mean that you need to love writing or even reading poetry. There may be other ways that your individual artistry accesses the same beauty and meaning. Too often many of our everyday interactions with life are list driven and we find ourselves with one foot in the future and one in the past with no ground to stand on in this one moment, which is all that we really have.

I have found that hearing the poem and some ideas behind it can open that world that seemed closed off to many. On this page you will find periodic audio files with poetry and some thoughts that they inspire or that inspired those words...

With gratitude,


Novemeber 7th, 2020 Poetry in Practice #6: Reflections and poetry on living in the full range of human experience from grief to joy and the journey between. With gratitude to David Whyte and Langston Hughes

September 22nd 2020  Poetry in Practice #5: Thoughts on raising children in this perilous and precious moment. With gratitude to Kahlil Gibran

Sun calls you forth from dormancy to be counted

To become more than your imagination claimed you to be

Realize the color you possess from within

No longer stark nor withered nor without breath

No longer brittle, leaded vessels

pumping lipid laden poison

Now, feel the detoxification of

warmth induced revelation

It takes just a blink to bring the blossoms forth

to color the day

to change, in the midst of your history

which can only remain the same

All we have in this

This vibrant palette of the moment to be absorbed today

Elated and free

Desolate and dark

A Rorschach blotted on a broken heart

June 21.st, 2020    Poetry in Practice #4: With gratitude to Naomi Shihab Nye, Kahlil Gibran and all our patients (who are our teachers)

May 7th, 2020    Poetry in Practice #3: With gratitude to nurses and medical assistants, John O'Donohue, WB Yeats, David Whyte and Mary Oliver

April 20th, 2020          Poetry in Practice #2: With gratitude to Pablo Neruda and Alice Walker

March 21st, 2020        Poetry in Practice #1: With gratitude to Mary Oliver and David Whyte


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