Flu Vaccine Information

November 12, 2020: We Thank you to all of you for working with us to get your children immunized with the flu vaccine. Because of high national demand for the flu vaccine, the manufacturers have a delay in getting their next shipments out. 

This means that for the time being, we need to save our remaining vaccine doses for higher risk groups. That would include children under 3 years old and those with high risk conditions like asthma, other respiratory concerns or other chronic medical conditions that would make them more at risk for a bad case of the flu. Thank you all for your patience and understanding with this. 

Many pharmacies will administer flu vaccine to children 3 and over. Check with your local pharmacy for availability.

October 12, 2020: We have been monitoring our supply of flu vaccine. Due to high early season demand, we will not be scheduling any new appointments for parent flu vaccine. If you already have an appointment scheduled for a parent flu vaccine, you can keep that. 

For families with Medicaid or Health Share plans, we received our first shipment of that supply of flu vaccine and are scheduling vaccine appointments, with priority to infants and young children and those with underlying conditions. 

August 31, 2020:  We are planning flu vaccine clinics over the coming months. 

This year the CDC and AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) recommend that pediatricians begin immunizing against the flu as soon possible. Because of this, we are offering the vaccine earlier than usual. 

Helping protect against the flu decreases the chance of a weakened or recovering immune system coming in contact with the novel coronavirus.

As in past years, some children will need 2 doses. If your child is 8 years old or younger and has not received at least 2 doses of the flu vaccine at any time prior to July 1st, 2020 then 2 doses are recommended this flu season. Those doses need to be at least 4 weeks apart

Our next Saturday flu vaccine clinics will be Saturday 9/12 (full), 9/26 and 10/10 from 10am-2pm. More Saturday flu clinics will follow and will be announced here. You can call our office to schedule 720.583.4470.

We are also offering flu vaccine Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 3pm-5pm. Call our office to schedule 720.583.4470.

We have not yet received our shipment of flu vaccine for families covered by Medicaid or health share plans. We will send notification when flu vaccine is available for those families. Influenza usually begins to circulate in the community no earlier than October. More commonly, flu season begins in November.

Parents can receive flu shots at HIP this year. For parents who would like a flu vaccine, please let the schedulers know when you are setting up the appointment for your child.  Bring your insurance card with you so we can confirm your information and bill your insurance. There are no co-payments for flu vaccines.  To ensure adequate supply for our patients, we will not be offering flu vaccine for grandparents or other relatives as this time.

Vaccines in office: In order to safely and efficiently administer the flu vaccines, we will be giving them in the office

All our COVID precautions for the office are in place

Families will call on arrival and wait in their vehicle until called

Temperatures will be checked prior to entry

We would ask that anyone with a temperature above 100.3 or any cough, congestion, sore throat or recent exposure to someone with COVID-19, reschedule for a flu vaccine at another time. Thank you for your patience as we work to keep everyone safe.

We use only the preservative free version of the flu vaccine

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Please do not submit any Protected Health Information (PHI) through this contact form. All health and immunization forms requests must be submitted through MyChart patient portal, faxed, or dropped off at the clinic. We will not open or download any attachments sent through email in order to protect your child's privacy.