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Welcome to the H.I.P Blog
September 21, 2012
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Welcome to the H.I.P Blog

Thanks for checking out the H.I.P Blog!!  Whether you are interested in joining our practice or are intrigued to hear the musings of a pediatrician, I hope that you will find this blog interesting and informative.  We are thrilled to be joining the Highlands neighborhood of Denver.  This community is alive with diversity and an open minded energy that we are so grateful to be a part of.

We are targeting an opening date of January 2013 and you will find frequent updates on this blog and our website regarding our opening date as well as information on how to transfer records and schedule appointments.  

This blog will serve as a resource for updated information on our practice as well articles to help promote wellness in your family.  You will also find posts that are more creative in nature that we hope will be food for thought as we walk with you on the journey of raising your children. 

The mission and vision of Highlands Integrative Pediatrics are based on the belief that we can create a practice where: 

  • Children and their parents can find the best of conventional/western AND natural/eastern approaches to optimize their health and well being.
  • All people feel welcome, accepted and heard.
  • All who work at the practice feel valued for their contributions to the creation of a warm and inviting environment where the primary goal is to serve the needs of its patients and families.  

We recognize that creating anything new and worthwhile is a journey that requires the ability to evolve and grow.  We hope that you will join us on this journey and we welcome your input, feedback and ideas to continue to improve the service that we provide.   

With gratitude,

Bryan and the H.I.P team