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September Newsletter
August 22, 2013
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New Pediatricians at H.I.P


It's been great seeing many of you this summer!  As you may already know, we have added two integrative pediatricians to our practice.  Drs. Rothtida Srey and Rachel Workman started seeing patients over the past month and we are thrilled to have them as part of the H.I.P team.  They each bring a unique skill set and an open minded approach that fits perfectly at H.I.P.  


To learn more about their individual journeys, click here



New Patients and Promoting Continuity at H.I.P


We are so grateful for the support that many of you have provided for our young practice.  Thank you for getting the word out to your communities!  As we grow, we are working hard to maintain the core of what we hope makes our practice unique.  One of those priorities is continuity.  We believe that in order to provide excellent, holistic care for your family, you need to know your pediatricians well.  We hope to promote that in a few ways:

  1. Remain a small practice: While we are growing, we are designed to have no more than 3-4 pediatricians at full capacity.  Being a small practice allows your family to become familiar with all the pediatricians.
  2. We encourage families to see the same pediatrician(s) whenever possible.
  3. In order to maintain accessibility for wellness and illness appointments, our pediatricians will need to intermittently stop taking new families into their continuity group.  

We currently have two continuity groups for our patients: 

    • Rothtida Srey and Rachel Workman (accepting new families). Rothtida and Rachel work on alternating days and team up to form a continuity group
    • Bryan Kono (currently closed to new families)

Patients are still able to see any of our pediatricians for same day sick appointments.  We encourage you to request an appointment within your continuity group if it is available. 


Vaccine Talk with Bryan, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 24th, 6:30pm


Come join us for this open discussion about the childhood vaccines on the CDC/AAP schedule for children 0-5 years old. Each vaccine will be discussed. Plenty of time is afforded for individual questions and discussion.  


$20/individual or $30/couple for H.I.P families ($25/individual or $35/couple for non-H.I.P families)

Click here to reserve your spot.


Flu Vaccine


Flu vaccine will be available in the coming weeks.  Look for an upcoming email and website posting for flu clinic times.


After Hours Advice


Just a reminder of the options for H.I.P parents for after hours questions and concerns that arise.

  • During business hours, you can call our main office number and request to speak with one of us regarding your question.  Many questions can be answered by one of our medical assistants.  If you would like to speak with Bryan, let us know and a message will be left for him.
  • After Hours:
    • Our website has links to a "symptom checker" with useful information about common symptoms.
    • Children's Hospital Colorado offers free parent advice at 720.777.0123
    • If you would like to speak with the on call doctor, please call our main office number, 720.583.4470, and follow the instructions on our message.  In most cases you will be asked to send a text message to the office number.  Your call will be returned as soon as possible.  If you have not heard back within 30 min, resend your text message or leave another voicemail. 
    • Patients are seen at H.I.P on an as needed basis for urgent visits on most Saturday mornings.  If you believe your child needs an appointment, contact the on call doctor (see above) to discuss the symptoms.


H.I.P Studio


Gentle Yoga every WEDNESDAY at noon with Tara Emrick


$12 drop-in. All are welcome.


For more information about any of our offerings at H.I.P Studio please visit our web site  Contact Tara with questions at 720.232.6514 or [email protected]. Thank you!