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New Pediatricians at H.I.P

We are so excited to announce our 2 new integrative pediatricians, Dr. Rachel Workman and Dr. Rothtida Srey.  Both bring a unique skill set to H.I.P and a passion for holistic, family centered care.  One of our main priorities is doctor/patient continuity.  By continuity, we mean that the best care comes when you know your doctor well and your doctor knows you.  We foster that continuity in a few different ways.  First, we have a small practice where you and your family can get to know everyone if you choose.  We also encourage families to have a have a primary doctor/team that they typically see.  Rothtida and Rachel will be at H.I.P on alternate days of the week and will, together, form a continuity team for patients.  Bryan will continue to be at H.I.P full time and provide continuity for his current patients. 

From our new pediatricians:

Rachel Workman, M.D.

One of my cherished memories from pediatric training is of a child emerging from a seizure.  As he began to wake up in the sterile emergency room he searched for something to play with, and quickly found his sneaker and began to play.  Children inspire me to live each moment to its full capacity.  It has been my pleasure to listen to children and their families and hear what is important to each member of the family.  It is through careful attention, reflection and experience that I create treatment paths for the most challenging patients.

Throughout my training, pediatric practice and my own life I have pursued my interest in natural approaches to healing.  I think every person has a path to wellness, innovative approaches to finding that path are where I find great satisfaction in practicing medicine.  I love using nutrition artfully, exercise innovatively and calming techniques including hypnosis, breath work and biofeedback to help patients and families chart their own course to wellness.  I have enjoyed my work in many pediatric settings  in Denver including private practice, hospital based and as Director of Integrative Medicine at Children’s Hospital, Colorado.

I love living in Evergreen, CO with my husband, 2 children, dog and 7 chickens.  We enjoy watching the wildlife and the beautiful surroundings.  I love cooking, yoga, bike riding, hiking, art and music especially with my family!

Rothtida Srey, D.O.

Growing up in a multicultural home, I learned that there are multiple ways to help heal and nourish the body. My family often incorporated traditional Chinese medicine. My grandfather would talk to me about acupressure and direct me towards different herbal soups. When I had a persistent cold, my mother used coining with a spoon to release some of the “wind” from my body. My interest in osteopathic medicine grew from this. I value balance and like the idea of viewing the body as a whole integrated entity of body, mind, and spirit and utilizing my hands to gently heal in conjunction with conventional Western medicine.

As an osteopath or D.O., I am a physician in the same way that a United States allopath or MD is a physician with the addition of specialized training in treating the musculoskeletal system learned from medical school and practiced onwards. Through my pediatrics residency in Brooklyn, NY, I had the opportunity to use osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT) as an adjunct to facilitate gentle healing in children with conditions such as ear infections, colic, constipation, torticollis, musculoskeletal pain, etc. OMT is a part of integrative medicine. In moving to Denver and joining Highlands Integrative Pediatrics, I have found a home.

As new parents, my husband, Nathan, and I are blessed and further humbled after caring for our own daughter. I am dedicated to caring for children and treat every child like my own while listening to you. Family-centered care is a priority. Nobody knows a child better than his or her own parents. I will celebrate with you as your child laughs and grows, and we will work together to help your child feel better.

I encourage you to ask questions, and I will share and offer my insight and knowledge. Together as partners, we can learn, and I am always happy to teach and be taught.