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March/April Happenings at H.I.P

Our next Meet & Greet is THURSDAY, MARCH 21stat 6:00pm.  Bryan will give a tour of the space, speak to his philosophy of practicing integrative medicine, and answer questions.  This is open to all interested in learning more at H.I.P.


March & April Happenings at H.I.P Studio


It is hard to believe that spring is right around the corner! We love these sunny, snowy days.


We have decided to send our newsletter out twice a month, but we have so much going on right now that we want to keep you up-to-date.  Please check out our classes for March and early April:


THIS TUESDAY, MARCH 12thPractical Tools for Parents with Anne Maxwell LCSW, RPT-S, CFMW 

6:00 to 7:30pm


“I’m such a bad parent!” How often have you either said those words, or thought them? What if it weren’t true? What if there was another way to be with the challenges of being a parent? And what if it’s not that it’s not working? What if it’s that the tools you have learned with regards to parenting don’t work so well?


In this 90-minute workshop, you will be presented with 3 practical tools you can use right away to navigate the world of parenting and family, so that it is easier on you….and on them! Children are welcome.  Great for adoptive families AND all families.  $15 per person or $20 per couple.  Register by calling 303-467-2228, or go to



SATURDAY, MARCH 16thSafe Kids by Personal Body Safety Programs with Jill Pond

11:00am to 12:00pm


This workshop teaches Stranger Awareness and Abduction Prevention to children ages 4 to 6. We understand that ‘Stranger-Danger’ can be confusing for kids to talk about. Many kids end up thinking that all strangers are dangerous or ‘bad’. Our approach does not expect a child to be able to judge when someone is ‘good’ or bad’ but teaches kids that to be as safe as possible, they must always follow the Safety Rules. Our Safety Rules help them avoid dangerous situations and gives them strategies to keep as safe as possible if they do find themselves in a dangerous situation. We also cover practical situations, like how to find help from a Safe Adult if they get lost in a large public space and basic self-defense techniques that will help them if a stranger approaches them or tries to grab them.


A parent or guardian must be in attendance for the duration of the workshop.  Register online at  Click on our H.I.P Studio link to register.  Please enroll unpaid and bring cash or check (made payable to H.I.P Studio) to the workshop. Cost is $30 per family unit.


TUESDAY, MARCH 19thYoga for Grief Drop-in with Tara Emrick, CYT, MSW

7:00 to 8:15pm


This 75-minute monthly drop-in class is for anyone grieving loss.  This gentle flow yoga class will include pranayama (breath practice) and guided meditation.  Beginners are welcome. $15 drop-in.   More information at



WEDNESDAY, MARCH 27thReboot! Discovering Your New Formula for Happiness, Success and a Less Stressful Life with Ashley Sakker - FREE

10:00 to 11:00am


Stress changes who we are.  That’s bad news.  The good news is that it’s absolutely fixable.  Changes at work or within our family can “scramble” our formula creating exhaustion and confusion about our direction. It’s time to learn some strategies for making your life work for you!  This empowering workshop will teach you:


  • Which of the key aspects of your “formula” are causing you the most trouble (free assessment provided as part of the workshop)
  • How to get rid of GUILT
  • Key information about the brain that can help you improve your self-confidence, health, career choices and relationships


Please contact Ashley Sakker for more information at [email protected]or 720.436.7498.  This workshop is FREE.


TUESDAY, APRIL 2ndBeyond Trauma Anne Maxwell LCSW, RPT-S, CFMW 

6:00 to 7:30pm


Has your child, or have you, experienced what could be called traumatic events? Does it seem as if the effects of the trauma reverberate in your lives?  What if the trauma and its effects didn’t need to function as the guideposts to your children’s lives…or to yours?  What if it doesn’t need to dictate their future?  What if there was another way to begin to move beyond all of that?


In this 90-minute workshop, we will begin to explore a different mindset and approach that may actually bring more ease to them and to you as well.  Great for adoptive families AND all families.  $15 per person or $20 per couple.  Register by calling 303-467-2228, or go to


SUNDAY, APRIL 14thAccess Bars with Anne Maxwell LCSW, RPT-S, CFMW 

9:30am – 5:30pm


When was the last time you felt truly nurtured?  When was the last time you felt a true sense of peace with your body?  The Access Bars™ is an amazing Access ™ body process that can start you on your way to a different way of functioning.  It is a unique, energetic process that involves lightly touching points on the head to allow your body and mind to release limitations, thoughts and judgments that have been keeping you stuck.  It has yielded amazing results for so many people, children and grownups alike!  From sleep issues, to depression, to struggles with school and homework, to stress, to worries … people are amazed at the effect it can have on them after just one session! 

Anne has taught well over a hundred people how to run Bars™, and, the testimonials from both parents and children are heartwarming.

  • “Bedtimes used to be so difficult … Last night, he begged me to run his bars, and, he fell asleep within 5 minutes.”  - RM, mother of 5 year old boy.
  • Mom! I’m so happy! If you want me to be this happy every day, you need to run my bars every night.”  8 years old girl, who had struggled with depression, the morning after she got her bars run for the first time by her mom.
  • “I think my mind is blank!”  9 year old boy, who had been through some recent, traumatic events, after I ran his bars for 15 minutes.


The Bars™ are easy to learn.   You will be given a manual with details of everything you need to know in order to be able to run the Bars™ successfully when you go home!  And, during the class, you will give and receive the Bars™ twice each.  If you are looking for change in your life, the Bars™ is a great place to start!  Cost:  $200; $100 if repeating within a year; ages 16-18 ½ price; ages 15 and under, free

To register, go to, or call 303-467-2228



EVERY WEDNESDAY AT NOON Gentle Yoga with Tara Emrick, CYT

Great for beginners AND anyone looking for a gentle yoga class.  $12 drop-in.


More classes coming in April including an Introduction to Five Element Chinese Medicine, Essential Oils for your Family, and Explorations in Ayurveda.  More information will be in the next newsletter.


For more information about any of our offerings at H.I.P Studio, including studio rental information, please contact Tara at 720.232.6514 or [email protected].  Thank you!